Server Info

The Mist Cluster hosts a few different development and production servers.

  1. The main current server (, which emulates a current 99 cap server with QOL updates.
    • This server reflects the information below.
  2. The Era server ( which runs a fork of the emulation software aimed at being 75 cap period correct.
    • Similar to the 99 cap server, some QOL tweaks are offered here as well.
  3. The development server (, which is largely stable at this point, but may have random bouts of downtime or data loss as we test new code and improvements.
    • Not recommended unless you would like to test our newest additions, or wish to contribute to MistXI’s development.
    • Multipliers for things like movement speed, exp and skill up rate.

Basic Server Info

Level Cap – 99

Expansions Supported – Up To Seekers

Trusts Enabled

FOV Enabled

QOL Updates/Changes

EXP Rate – 3X

Movement Speed – 1.5X

Starting Gil – 25,000G

All Maps Enabled

Starting Inventory – 80

Home Point Healing

Outpost Warps Enabled

Healing Tick Frequency Doubled

Healing TP Loss Reduced by 90%

EXP Rings Stackable

Weapon and Crafting Skill-ups Twice as Likely

HP & MP Multiplier Slightly Increased